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㈠ 求高手写一篇关于大学生价值观的英语作文,要求字数400~500,不要太简单,也不要太复杂,四六级的水平就行

College life values
Life values refers to people on the fundamental views on life values and attitudes, namely people for life goal, life value orientation and the life value and the ultimate way of understanding attitude. Values for each person is indispensable and important, of course, including college students. Moreover, values to our college students also have very special significance.
We contemporary undergraate is in facing life development is the key period. Time request we want in learning to live aspects omni-directional face and thinking how to correctly handle the relationship between indivial and society and so on a series of major issues. We want to learn survival skills, learning potential, learn to creation and innovation, learn to sacrifice, these are our future faces the society must have the most fundamental and most important quality. Among them, I think the most core is to learn how to behave, learn to do a line with the country prosperous and social progress development need personality healthy people, Learn to do a to correctly handle the agreement between man and man, man and society, the relation between man and nature and enable the coordinated development of the person, Do a ideals, ethics, people noble. The word, and make a beneficial to society, favorable to the people, be helpful for country. This requires us students must start from now, sets up the correct values.
We should foster the noble values. Establish positive, optimistic upward, generous, self-improvement attitude towards life. The correct way to face the modern economic and social impact. Have a bit inadvertent, will deviate from moral and breaking value. For example, the newspaper has been reported, XXX university students will parents sweat the money than blessed with others, all dressed in designer clothing, when money apending after another notice send money, completely family regardless of her parents' hardship, also ignore money ever came to be. He felt that money is a kind of glory, just wearing a famous brand will not be looked down upon by others, actually this is a rotten ideas.

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㈢ 急求英语作文一篇.(四六级水平)

英语作文 英语作文的基本要求:
首先,一个段落必须有一个中心即主题思想,该中心由主题句特别是其中的题旨来表达。整个段落必须紧扣这个主题(stick or hold to the topic),这就是段落的统一性(unity)。其次,一个段落必须有若干推展句,使主题思想得到充分展开,从而给读者一个完整的感觉,这就是完整性(completeness or adequateness)。再者,一个段落不是杂乱无章的,而是有机的组合,句子的排列顺序必须合乎逻辑,从一个句子到另一个句子的过渡必须流畅(smooth),这就是连贯性(coherence)。下面我们就对这三个标准分别加以说明。
Joe and I decided to take the long trip we'd always wanted across the country. We were like young kids buying our camper and stocking it with all the necessities of life. Bella bakes the best rhubarb pie. We started out in early spring from Minneapolis and headed west across the northern part of the country. We both enjoyed those people we met at the trailer park. Joe received a watch at his retirement dinner. To our surprise, we found that we liked the warm southern regions very much, and so we decided to stay here in New Mexico.
本段的主题句是段首句,controlling idea(中心思想)是take the long trip across the country。文中出现两个irrelevant sentences,一个是Bella bakes the best rhubarb pie,这一段是讲的是Joe and I ,中间出现一个Bella是不合适的。还有,Joe received a watch at his retirement dinner这一句更是与主题句不相关。再看一个例子:
My name is Roseanna, and I like to keep physically fit. I used to weigh two hundred pounds, but I joined the YMCA for an exercise class and diet program. In one year I lost eighty pounds. I feel much better and never want to have that much weight on my five-feet frame again. I bought two new suitcases last week. Everyday I practice jogging three miles, swimming fifteen laps, lifting twenty-pound weights and playing tennis for one hour. My mother was a premature baby.
本段的controlling idea 是like to deep physically fit,但段中有两个irrelevant sentences,一个是I bought two new suitcases last week,另一个是My mother was a premature baby。
从上面两个例子可以看出,native speakers同样会造出来irrelevant sentences。卷面上如果这种句子多了,造成偏题或离题,那问题就更严重了。
Physical work can be a useful form of therapy for a mind in turmoil. Work concentrates your thoughts on a concrete task. Besides, it is more useful to work —— you proce something rather than more anxiety or depression.
本段的主题句是段首句。本段的两个推展句均不能回答主题句中提出的问题。什么是“a mind in turmoil”(心境不平静)Physical work又如何能改变这种情况?为什么它能起therapy的作用?读者得不到明确的答案。因此,要达到完整就必须尽可能地简明。例如:
It is not always true that a good picture is worth a thousand words. Often writing is much clearer than a picture. It is sometimes difficult to figure out what a picture means, but a careful writer can almost always explain it.
It is not always true that a picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes, pictures are pretty useless things. If you can't swim and fall in the river and start gulping water, will you be better off to hold up a picture of yourself drowning, or start screaming "Help"?
A.按时间先后排列(chronological arrangement)
We had a number of close calls that day. When we rose, it was obviously late and we had to hurry so as not to miss breakfast; we knew the dining room staff was strict about closing at nine o'clock. Then, when we had been driving in the desert for nearly two hours —— it must have been close to noon —— the heat nearly hid us in; the radiator boiled over and we had to use most of our drinking water to cool it down. By the time we reached the mountain, it was our o'clock and we were exhausted. Here, judgement ran out of us and we started the tough climb to the summit, not realizing that darkness came suddenly in the desert. Sure enough, by six we were struggling and Andrew very nearly went down a steep cliff, dragging Mohammed and me along with him. By nine, when the wind howled across the flat ledge of the summit, we knew as we shivered together for warmth that it had not been our lucky day.
本段从“rose”(起床)写起,然后是吃早餐(“not to miss breakfast”, “closing at nine o'clock”),然后是“close to noon”,一直写到这一天结束(“By nine——”)。
B. 按位置远近排列(spatial arrangement)。例如:
From a distance, it looked like a skinny tube, but as we got closer, we could see it flesh out before our eyes. It was tubular, all right, but fatter than we could see from far away. Furthermore, we were also astonished to notice that the building was really in two parts: a pagoda sitting on top of a tubular one-story structure. Standing ten feet away, we could marvel at how much of the pagoda was made up of glass windows. Almost everything under the wonderful Chinese roof was made of glass, unlike the tube that it was sitting on, which only had four. Inside, the tube was gloomy, because of the lack of light. Then a steep, narrow staircase took us up inside the pagoda and the light changed dramatically. All those windows let in a flood of sunshine and we could see out for miles across the flat land.
本段的写法是由远及近,从远处(“from a distance”)写起,然后“get closer”,再到(“ten feet away”),最后是“inside the pagoda”……当然,按位置远近来写不等于都是由远及近。根据需要,也可以由近及远,由表及里等等。
C. 按逻辑关系排列(logical arrangement)
a. 按重要性顺序排列(arrangement in order of importance)
If you work as a soda jerker, you will, of course, not need much skill in expressing yourself to be effective. If you work on a machine, your ability to express yourself will be of little importance. But as soon as you move one step up from the bottom, your effectiveness depends on your ability to reach others through the spoken or the written word. And the further away your job is from manual work, the larger the organization of which you are an employee, the more important it will be that you know how to convey your thoughts in writing or speaking. In the very large business organization, whether it is the government, the large corporation, or the Army, this ability to express oneself is perhaps the most important of all the skills a man can possess.
这一段谈的是表达能力,它的重要性与职业,身份有关,从“not need much skill”或“of little importance”到“more important”,最后是“most important”。
b.由一般到特殊排列(general-to-specific arrangement)
If a reader is lost, it is generally because the writer has not been careful enough to keep him on the path. This carelessness can take any number of forms. Perhaps a sentence is so excessively cluttered that the reader, hacking his way through the verbiage, simply doesn't know what it means. Perhaps a sentence has been so shoddily constructed that the reader could read it in any of several ways. Perhaps the writer has switched tenses, or has switched pronouns in mid-sentence, so the reader loses track of when the action took place or who is talking. Perhaps sentence B is not logical sequel to sentence A —— the writer, in whose head the connection is clear, has not bothered to provide the missing link. Perhaps the writer has used an important word incorrectly by not taking the trouble to look it up. He may think that "sanguine" and "sanguinary" mean the same thing, but the difference is a bloody big one. The reader can only infer what the writer is trying to imply.
这一段谈的是a writer's carelessness,先给出一个general statement作为主题句,然后通过5个 ”perhaps”加以例证。
c. 由特殊到一般排列(specific-to-general arrangement)
I do not understand why people confuse my Siamese cat, Prissy, with the one I had several years ago, Henry. The two cats are only alike in breed. Prissy, a quiet, feminine feline, loves me dearly but not possessively. She likes to keep her distance from people, exert her independence and is never so rude as to beg, lick, or sniff unceremoniously. Her usual posture is sitting upright, eyes closed, perfectly still. Prissy is a very proper cat. Henry, on the other hand, loved me dearly but possessively. He was my shadow from morning till night. He expected me to constantly entertain him. Henry never cared who saw him do anything, whether it was decorous or not, and he usually offended my friends in some way. The cat made himself quite comfortable, on the top of the television, across stranger's feet or laps, in beds, drawers, sacks, closets, or nooks. The difference between them is imperceptible to strangers.
Walter's goal in life was to become a successful surgeon. First, though, he had to get through high school, so he concentrated all his efforts on his studies —— in particular, biology, chemistry, and math. Because he worked constantly on these subjects, Walter became proficient in them; however, Walter forgot that he needed to master other subjects besides those he had chosen. As a result, ring his junior year of high school, Walter failed both English and Latin. Consequently, he had to repeat these subjects and he was almost unable to graate on schele. Finally, on June 6, Walter achieved the first step toward realizing his goal.
本文中起承上启下的词语有两种,一种是转换词语(transitional words or phrases),另一种是起转换作用的其他连接手段(linking devices)。前者依次有:first, though, so, in particular, and, because, however, besides, as a result, both…and, consequently, and, finally.后者依次是:he, he, his, his, he, these, them, he, those, his, he, these, his. 本段中共有词汇105个,所使用的转换词语及其他连接用语共26个词,约占该段总词汇量的四分之一。由此可见,掌握好transitions不仅对行文的流(smoothness)有益,而且对于学生在半个小时内写120个词也是不无好处的。
Speaking and writing are different in many ways. Speech depends on sounds. Writing uses written symbols. Speech developed about 500 000 years ago. Written language is a recent development. It was invented only about six thousand years ago. Speech is usually informal. The word choice of writing is often relatively formal. Pronunciation and accent often tell where the speaker is from. Pronunciation and accent are ignored in writing. A standard diction and spelling system prevails in the written language of most countries. Speech relies on gesture, loudness, and rise and fall of the voice. Writing lacks gesture, loudness and the rise and fall of the voice. Careful speakers and writers are aware of the differences.
Speaking and writing are different in many ways. Speech depends on sounds; writing, on the other hand, uses written symbols. Speech was developed about 500 000 years ago, but written language is a recent development, invented only about six thousand years ago. Speech is usually informal, while the word choice of writing, by contrast, is often relatively formal. Although pronunciation and accent often tell where the speaker is from, they are ignored in wiring because a standard diction and spelling system prevails in most countries. Speech relies on gesture, loudness, and the rise and fall of the voice, but writing lacks these features. Careful speakers and writers are aware of the differences.
In the movie, Robert Redford was a spy. He goes to his office where he found everybody dead. Other spies wanted to kill him, so he takes refuge with Julie Christie. At her house, he had waited for the heat to die down, but they come after him anyway.
Everybody looks for satisfaction in his life. They want to be happy. But if he seeks only pleasure in the short run, the person will soon run out of pleasure and life will catch up to him. They need to pursue the deeper pleasure of satisfaction in work and in relationships.
Now more than ever, parents need to be in touch with their children's activities because modern life has the tendency to cause cleavages in the family. You need to arrange family like it so that family members will do things together and know one another. You need to give up isolated pleasures of your own and realize that parents have a set of obligations to sponsor togetherness and therefore sponsor knowledge.
在一篇字数有限的作文里,我们还要注意尽量不把一个单词拆开移行。万一要移行,则必须以音节为单位进行,如revolution这个词,依照音节移行的原则可以按re-,revo-, revolu-这几种方法移行。在移行时,我们还应特别注意以下几点:
1. 单音节词不能移行,即使是字母较多的单音节词,如through等也不能例外。
4.由“年、月、日”表示的日期,如果必须分开移行只能将“月、日”与“年”分开。如January 6,1980不能将January和6分开移行,但可以把January 6,和1980分成两行。
A Talkative Parrot
A lady worked in a company. There were a lot of shops on her way to work. One morning, when she was walking to work, she passed by a new pet shop. She was so excited when she saw a parrot sitting beside the door. She really loved birds.
When she stopped to look at the handsome bird, it said to her, "Hey, lady, you are really ugly.”
This made the lady very angry. She quickly left the shop and went to work. On her way home, she passed the same pet shop again. This time the parrot saw her again, it said immediately:
"Hey lady, you are really ugly!"
The lady tried to control herself. She walked to the shopkeeper and told him that if the parrot said it again, she would have the police come and take it away. "I'm so sorry, madam. I promise it won't happen again," the shopkeeper said.
The next morning, when the lady walked past the pet shop, she pretended that she didn’t see it. But the parrot saw her at once and said to her quickly, "Hey lady."
She stopped and looked at the bird coldly. "Yes?" she answered in an angry voice.
The bird, sitting up straight and smiling at her, said, "You know."
Elizabeth Bennet (伊丽莎白)
The second daughter in the Bennet family, and the most intelligent and quick-witted, Elizabeth is the protagonist of Pride and Prejudice and one of the most well-known female characters in English literature. Her admirable qualities are numerous—she is lovely, clever, and, in a novel defined by dialogue, she converses as brilliantly as anyone. Her honesty, virtue, and lively wit enable her to rise above the nonsense and bad behavior that pervade her class-bound and often spiteful society. Nevertheless, her sharp tongue and tendency to make hasty judgments often lead her astray; Pride and Prejudice is essentially the story of how she (and her true love, Darcy) overcome all obstacles—including their own personal failings—to find romantic happiness. Elizabeth must not only cope with a hopeless mother, a distant father, two badly behaved younger siblings, and several snobbish, antagonizing females, she must also overcome her own mistaken impressions of Darcy, which initially lead her to reject his proposals of marriage. Her charms are sufficient to keep him interested, fortunately, while she navigates familial and social turmoil. As she graally comes to recognize the nobility of Darcy’s character, she realizes the error of her initial prejudice against him.
Bennet家庭的第二个女儿和最聪明和机智,伊丽莎白是自豪感和偏见的主演和其中一个在英国文学的最知名的女性角色。 她令人敬佩的质量是numerous—she是可爱的,聪明,并且,在对话定义的小说,她一样精采地交谈象任何人。 她的诚实、美德和活泼的机智使她在胡话之上起来,并且弥漫她的坏行为类跳起和经常恶意的社会。 然而,她的伶俐的口舌和倾向经常做仓促评断带领她迷路; 自豪感和偏见本质上是故事她(和她真实的爱, Darcy)怎样克服他们自己的个人failings—to发现浪漫幸福的所有obstacles—including。 伊丽莎白必须不仅应付一个绝望的母亲,一个遥远的父亲,二非常表现的更加年轻的兄弟姐妹,并且几位势利,对抗的女性,她必须也克服Darcy她自己的错误印象,最初带领她拒绝他的求婚。 而她驾驶家族和社会动乱,她魅力是充足保持他感兴趣,幸运地。 当她逐渐来认可Darcy’s字符的贵族,她体会她对他的最初的偏见错误。

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