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1. 想要一些小学英语写作的题材,谁可以给我一些参考谢谢啦。

三年级上册:第一单元:Greet 打招呼,第二单元:look at me 看我,第三单元:painting 画画,Unit 4 We Love Animals,Unit 5 Let's Eat,Unit 6 Happy Birthday
三年级下册:Unit 1 Welcome back to school
Unit 2 My family
Unit 3 How many?
Unit 4 Do you like pears?
Unit 5 Where is my ruler?
Unit 6 At the zoo
四年级上册:Unit 1 My Classroom
Unit 2 My Schollbag
UnUnit 4 My Home
Unit 5 What Would You Like?
Unit 6 Meet My Family!it 3 My Friends
四年级下册:Unit 1 Our School
Unit 2 What Time Is It?
Unit 3 Is This Your Skirt?
Unit 4 It’s Warm Today
Unit 5 How Much Is It?
Unit 6 At a Farm
五年级上册:Unit 1 My New Teachers
Unit 2 My Days of the Week
Unit 3 What's Your Favourite Food?
Unit 4 What Can You Do?
Unit 5 My New Room
Unit 6 In a Nature Park
五年级下册:Unit 1 This Is My Day
Unit 2 My Favourite Season
Unit 3 My Birthday
Unit 4 What Are You Doing
Unit 5 Look at the Monkeys
Unit 6 A Field Trip
六年级上册:Unit 1 How Do You Go There?
Unit 2 Where Is the Science Museum?
Unit 3 What Are You Going to Do?
Unit 4 I Have a Pen Pal
Unit 5 What Does She Do?
Unit 6 The Story of Rain
六年级下册:Unit 1 How Tall Are You?
Unit 2 What’s the Matter, Mike?
Unit 3 Last Weekend
Unit 4 My Holiday
Recycle 1 Let’s Take a Trip!
Recycle 2 A Farewell Party

2. 小学生英语作文题目

The Best Way to Learn English(学英语的最佳方式)
Should I be allowed to make my own decisions?(我应该被允许有自己的观点吗)
The best place I like to visit(我最喜版欢去玩的地方)
Rainy days make me sad(happy)(雨天使我难过或开权心)
Pets also need love(宠物也需要爱)
I only eat food that tastes good(我只吃美味的食物)

3. 小学英语,第六大题,写作文的

My Favorite Sport
Many people like to swim in summer. So do I. My favorite sport is swimming. Just imagine! What fun it is to jump into the water in hot summer! In hot weather, I often go to swim in the swimming pool with my family. Swimming can not only make us strong and healthy, but also helps us to keep in good shape. But few people like to swim in winter because it is too cold.Swimming in winter needs much courage. I hope I can be strong enough to swim in winter.

4. 小学所有的英语作文,要题目,写法,例文。

Today is so bored
I had a so common day . I`m waked up at the 9:00 p.m. I`m ate the breakfast and did morning exercises at home .then mum and me went to the suppermaket we bought pens,books ,some food and drink in it we came home by car .Dose this is very easy !
now say others....um....yeah! Jing`s boy friend is a french ,he is very kind ang good man .He`s said :"I`m 32 years old now,'' but I think he is just 25 or 27 . he is look so young ,and he`s father with france president are besst friend! It`s so cool! oh! time is money! That`s all. bye bye!

My Parents and I
I am a chinese girl and i study in wuyilu primary school. i get up very early in the morning and then help my mother cook breakfast. after breakfast, i walk to school, because it's not far from my house.
I have many friends at school. we often help each other with our lessons.my mother is forty-six years old, and she works in meet all supermarket. it's near my school. the supermarket is very big, and it sells all kinds of things. the students in my school often buy school things there.
my father is two years younger than my mother. he is in the same supermarket, but he doesn't sell things. he's a driver.
my family is a happy one.

My holiday
I went to the moon on Dec. 25th. But the moon is very cold. So I brought a lot of warm clothes and I wore some warm clothes. Then I took a spaceship to the moon.

When I arrived at the moon. I could see a lot of ETs. The ETs were very nice. I was excited on the moon because the ETs were my good friend from the second day. They stayed with me in a big fancy hotel. The hotel was the best hotel on the moon. So they treated me very nice. And I saw some racks, some buildings and the moon KFC. The moon buildings were very high and advanced. And the moon racks were very big. The moon KFC was bigger than KFC on earth. So I liked the moon. We always had own meals in the moon KFC. And I played with the ETs on the moon. I was interested in the moon. Because there are a lot of interesting things that I never experenced when I‘m on the earth. but I left there on January. 1st. When I left there, the ETs gave me a lot of presents. Then I went back home by a spaceship!

I‘m sure I‘ll visit the moon again next year!

My family
Hi, everyone! I’m Cendy. I live in Nanhai. I’m 13 years old. I am tall and thin. Now, let me tell you something about my family.

There are seven members in my family. They are my grandparents, my parents, my sister, my brother and me. My grandparents like reading newspapers. They are very old. They are always happy. My father is a businessman. He works hard. He’s not very tall but fat. He likes sleeping. He’s kind. My mother is a housewife. She looks young. She’s strict to our study. My sister is a university student. She studies hard. My brother is in Grade Four. He is only 10 years old. He likes playing computer games. He’s a naughty boy.

I love each person in my family. I love my sweet warm home.

Baking a cake
Anna is girl. She is eleven years old. On Saturday her friend Kerry gives her a call.

“Anna, what do you have to do today,” asks Kerry.

“I don’t have to do anything. But I want to watch TV and play the computer games all day.” says Anna.

“Let’s bake a cake!” says Kerry.

“Sure. But you can’t go to my home and bake a cake.” says Anna.

“Ok, you can go to my home” says Kerry.

Anna is happy. Because she wants to bake a cake.

“Where are going?” asks Anna’s mother.

“I want to go to the Kerry’s home.”

“Ok, but you have to do anything.” says Anna’ mother.

“What?” asks Anna.

“First, you have to feed Mary (The cat in Anna’ home) .Next you have to tidy your room. Finally, you have to do homework .”says Anna’s mother.

“En…ok, I can go to Kerry’s home after lunch. I would tell her .” says Anna.

“Kerry, I can’t go to your home now. But I can go to your home after

lunch.” says Anna.

“Sorry! My home don’t have flour. We can’t bake a cake together.” says Kerry.

“Oh…Ok. Bye.”“.” Now, Anna is not happy.

Grandmas Birthday
It's my grandma's birthday today. She lives with my uncle in a village not far from Taiyuan. We decided to visit her.

At eight o'clock in the morning, my parents and I went to a shop and bought a big birthday cake. It took us two hours to go there in my father's car. My grandma and uncle were very glad to see us. I shook her by the hand and said, Happy birthday to you! She smiled happily. Then we sat down to talk, and we had a wonderful time together. At 5 o'clock in the afternoon we said goodbye to them and went home.

Of the motherland, and I'm proud of you

Mother, for any people, are so sacred, so intimate. I know that the great motherland is our mother, because each of us life, joy and happiness are related to the safety of the motherland are closely related, closely connected, I am living in the warm embrace of the motherland is how much pride.

Increase with age, I learned from the classroom and in the books more and more aware of our motherland is a long history of five thousand years of ancient civilization. She has a vast territory of 9.6 million square kilometers, has universally acclaimed Chinese culture, has a well known overseas, four great inventions, a stretch thousands of miles of the Great Wall, the world's eighth wonder of the Qin terracotta warriors and horses, the magnificent Imperial Palace in Beijing, Suzhou, unparalleled garden, there is a wealth of treasures and beautiful scenery ... ... five thousand years of history, like an old poem, like a long scroll, demonstrating the motherland that has experienced many vicissitudes in the face and body strong and unyielding.

For the motherland's bright and strong, I do not know how many of the revolutionary martyrs to shed its blood, so that the motherland break free chains, a new life; How many patriots, stand by a common fate with the motherland. Fate of the nation, every citizen is used to be fathers of rhetoric, the face of broken rivers and mountains, we are the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries one after another, for the motherland's prosperity and happiness of the people of the party.

Whenever I see the five-star red flag raised, ears hear the majestic strains of Anthem, the always felt blood boil, there are stocks from the heart cries: the motherland, and I'm proud of you.



随着年龄的增长,我从课堂上和书本上越来越多地了解到我们的祖国是一个具有五千年悠久历史的文明古国。她有着九百六十万平方公里的广阔疆土,有着有口皆碑的中华文化,有着饮誉海外的“四大发明”,有绵延万里的长城,世界第八大奇迹秦兵马俑,壮丽的北京故宫,无与伦比的苏州园林,还有丰富的宝藏和秀丽的风光……五千年的历史,像一首古老的诗篇,也像一幅长长的画卷,展现着祖国母亲饱经沧桑的脸和那坚强不屈的身躯。 为了祖国的光明和富强,不知有多少革命先烈抛头颅洒热血,使祖国挣脱铁链,获得新生;又有多少爱国志士, 与祖国同甘苦共命运。“国家兴亡,匹夫有则”曾是先辈们的豪言壮语,面对破碎的河山,我们老一辈无产阶级革命家前赴后继,为祖国的富强和人民的幸福而奋斗。


5. 小学生英语作文题目介绍我最喜欢的老师八句话

My favorite teacher
My English teacher is my favorite teacher. She is a 33 year-old woman. She is very beautiful with long hair. She is a good English teacher and always takes care of us and help us to solve any problem about English lesson. She let us be interested in English. She makes friends with us, so we study English very hard and make a lot of progress in English. I love my English teacher, and my English teacher love me, too.

6. 求小学英语作文,什么题目都行

My School Day
Hello! My name is Gina. I go to school is five days a week. I usually get up at 5:00.I go to schol at 7:00. To get to school, I take the 7 bus to school.At 8:00,I have math ,its difficult, but I think its very exciting! At 8:50,I have music ,its very relaxing.My favorite subject is history. I like history very much!
School is over at 15:00.After school, I go home. I have dinner at 16:00. Then I do my homework.
I usually take a shower at 20:30. I go to bed at 21:00

PS: 我是初一学生,这篇作文就算是我这个学期里的知识吧
这几个字母可是我一笔一划写的哎,还有很多顾忌时间问题我就没写了。而且本人打字速度也有点慢啊! 打了差不多10分钟了,手有点冷了,我就不跟你说了啊,期待你青睐我的answer(答案)

7. 小学生英语作文题目,需要5个


1、My birthday party

Today is fool's day and it's also my birthday. My name is Sam. I'm 11 years old. In my birthday party, Mother usually buys some interesting books for me and my father usually buys a pair of beautiful shoes for me. I love my gifts.
My friends are coming. The boys and girls are enjoying my birthday party. They're laughing and playing games. Now, They're eating sandwiches, cakes and fish. They're drinking apple juice and orange juice too. My birthday cake is very big. There are 11 candles on it. They say: happy birthday to Sam! Hip, Hip, Hurry! Hip, Hip, hurry!

Oh, what a nice birthday party!

2、I love my bedroom

I have a bedroom .It is not big , but it is nice .There is a bed in my bedroom . A yellow dog is on the bed .Every night,I sleep with it . Next to the bed, there is a desk. A bear lamp is on the desk .I like the bear lamp. It's cute. I like to do homework under the lamp every evening. I have a new computer in my bedroom .It is my best friend . Because I study at it, play at it . There are also several beautiful pictures on the wall.

I like my bedroom. Do you like it?

3、my last weekend
I had a busy weekend. On the Saturday, I walked to Lily’s home . I studied English with her. in the afternoon, I cooked noodles with my mother .On Sunday morning, I watched TV, it was fun. Then I went to a park by bike . I flew kites. It was a sunny day. In the evening, I washed my clothes and cleaned my room. My last weekend was very busy. But I was very happy.

4、The litte green man
It was cold and windy. Mary was sitting in the sitting-room, she was reading today‘s news paper.
Suddenly, she heard a noise, “ hiss hiss “, John came in then. Mary asked, “ Do you hear a noise like hiss hiss?“ “Oh, yes. I heard it.“ Suddenly, they heard another noise, “hum hum“, “Oh, there‘s green light outside the window.“ John said, “ I feel very much afraid.“
After green light, a little man walked out from a spaceship, who was very short and his skin looked green.The green man said, “ Don‘t be afraid. I come from M51.“ Mary and John were not afraid then. The green man was glad. “Hello, this is the earth. “ Mary said. The man said, “ Oh, I‘m hungry. Can I have some food?“ “OK.“ Mary said. After a while, John took out many snacks. The man said, “Oh, this is so good and that is good too.“ Mary and beamed with smiles.
ter an hour, the man would go back to hi spaceship. He said to Mary and John, “ Thank you very much and I‘ll miss you, bye-bye!“ He said it and then he got into spaceship. Mary and John said to him, “ Bye-bye, welcome back again and have a nice trip home.“

5、My winter holiday

Winter holiday is coming. I am so excited.
In this winter holiday, I am going to take a trip with my parents by plane.We are going to Beijing. Then, I am going to go ice skating there. I am going to see the snow. I will play with the snow. I am going to make a snowman with my sister. Then we are going to visit the Great wall. At last, we are going to go back home by plane.

That will be fun in the winter holiday! I can’t wait!

8. 帮我写一下。小学英语作文,要题目,就写5..6句话。。。

Look at this photo.It is a Brown Eared-pheasant.Do you now where is it live.Let me tell you.It lives in Shanxi,Shangxi and Beijing.We can see its color is black and white.And it is a little ugly.But it very precious.Now,in the world,there are nearly twenty thousand Brown Eared-pheasants.In 1987,there are hundreds of Brown Eared-pheasants in the world.One can imagine, how much they are precious.

9. 小学英语六年级最常见作文题目

Hello!My name is ( ).I'm ( )years old and I'm from( ).I have a happy family,there are three people in my family,my mother,my father and I.My favourite subject is( ).Because it's interesting.And my favourite teacher is( ) teacher.I also like sports and I like basketbll best.

I wish I could fly.
I like birds. They lives in the trees. And they can fly in the sky.My mother told me:Birds fly from the north to the south in spring,and then they find places to live.In Children's Day,my parents took me the zoo,and we saw my lovely birds. I was very happy .
I like birds very much,so I wish I could fly

My Good Friend
Zhang Ying is my good friend. She’s in Class1, Grade4 of Tianjiao Primary School. She’s a model student. She’s clever and she’s helpful, too. She often helps teachers and young students at school. She is good at Chinese, maths, English, arts and crafts, music and so on. She has a lot of hobbies. She likes painting and drawing. And she likes listening to music, having picnics with her parents. Oh yeah, she likes fishing, too. But she doesn’t like playing basketball, football, table tennis or volleyball. Zhang Ying is the best friend of mine. I like playing with her. We always work together and help each other.
不要紧张 只要字数够 前后点题 文中没什么错单词

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