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⑴ 英语续写作

with the development of customer consumption concept, more and more customer choose to purchase high price luxury mooncake for gift. it is popular that the mooncake be transferred between different companies, organization, and indivials. at this time, people always tend to choose mooncake with luxury package.
as for mooncake itself, there is little difference, the most differences are demonstrated in package, for high price mooncake, there is always a complex package. but why not the simple one.
it is the manufacturers' market strategy to determine it. by this way, the gift market of mooncake may be prompted , and procer may achieve more benefits from the market, furthermore, this market may contribute to internal consumption and GDP growth, to provide more positon for employees.
the disadvantage is that it waste too much recources not for value-added subject. the procer share more risk to enter such market. if the mooncake is stagnant in market, it means high inventory level, the investment may not be refunded in time.

⑵ 英语作文续写

Hey dear,i am so sorry that it is not here any more.I like the bird so much.She is so lovely.I really want to keep and take care of it forever.But she is a bird,she needs the sky not the cage.So I let her go.My mom tells me,if you love someone,you should know what he needs and wants.Please forgive me.It is my way to love your gift.

⑶ 根据材料写一篇英语作文:扩写~~

On the 1st week of April, our school will hold a music concert. Each class is required to give some show, including English shows and musical shows. A famous pianist will play piano for us and we'll also have some music meetings! Let's go and enjoy!

⑷ 续写英语作文100个单词

dear sally
I'm sorry to hear that you're not feeling well i think you should consult the doctor as soon as possible. Nowadays, the weather changes rapidly and uncertainly, sometimes cold and sometimes hot. It is easier to get disease.
Don't eat the unhealthful or cold food, otherwise you may get ill by the month.
I know there is a good and famous doctor near my home. Normally I get well from illness within a week after consulted him. Maybe I can accompany you to see him tomorrow. Please call me by the evening today in need.
Please take rest and hope you will get well soon.

Best regards

⑸ 续写英语作文

Two days later,Debbie Hart failed to swim across the English Channel.She died.Everybody was very sad about that.

⑹ 英语续写作文,急急....

It’s a cloudy afternoon. There are few people on the road. Anne arrived first, she is feeling nervous because of the first meeting with “FUTURE”. But it’s passed 15 minutes, nobody come. Suddenly it begins to rain, but she don’t want to give up. But it’s raining so heavy, she saw a man come to her with an umbrella, she is excited again. But he is her father, her father worried about her and want to pick her up. Finally she go back with her father.
It’s passed one month later, Anne saw “FUTURE” online again, she really want to know the reason why he break his promise. But he said: I didn’t break promise, remember when it’s raining who take umbrella to you… …

⑺ 请帮忙写一篇英语作文的续写谢谢!

The article said that students should be allowed to take time to do things such as go to old people's home,visit primary school and do other social-work jobs.
Frist,I agree with that these works may help us to become the students who are more capable and independent,what's more we can promote our profession skills and social experiences which makes us outstanding among all the interviewees when we have graated.
However,I disagree that some students should be allowed to have Friday afternoons off to volunteer and held others.I suggest that our studies in school and homeworks must be taken more seriously.And all the activities must be taken on condition that it is safety!

⑻ 高手来 帮忙这篇英语作文扩写到500单词左右~拜谢

[1. I have extended the message to 507 words.]
[2. There are some grammar and spelling mistake in the original message, I have already fixed them.]
[3. I am a professional English teacher, so you don't need to worry to use my revised message.]

In this century, there are more and more students like to do a part-time job at their spare time. For example, they will be a watier or waiteress in a restaurant, they may help some parents who have no time with their kids to look afteri their children and so on…… Nobody would disagree that family ecation is one of the most popular part-time job among all of the choices.

In my personal opinion, I think family ecation has its advantages and disadvantages. In the positive side, the most important thing is how you would like to define this question. If you are able to handle it well enough, it will have achieved good effect;unfortunately, if you handle it in an inappropriate way, there will be adverse effects which will lead to more and more negative results as chain effect.

First of all, we can go over the advantages of family ecation. There are a great deal of advantages for sure, but I would like to try to summarize all of them into few points as below to make it easier for you to capture the core parts.

First, students who did the part time job can receive some reward from doing family ecation, their family economic pressure can be improved in a positive way. For example, by doing the family ecation, the student who can make more money which he can contribute to his family who may need it seriously. By doing that, his whole family living standard can be improved in different ways such as buying more healthy and good food, having more medical treat treatment, and installing more furniture or home usage procts.

Secondly, family ecation can train up your behavior and communication skill in different perspective. University graate employment situation is not very good to meet the society standard, there is lack of experience, communication and manner。 Those skill sets can be improved through the family ecation。For example, by doing the family ecation, the student will have more opportunity to communicate with different people, and learned to use different attitude to treat different people.

There are two problems of the main defective: safety and time

First of all, we occasionally heard that some students be persecuted when they are doing their family ecation. Those things could show us the danger of the family ecation..But these kind of situation happen at this stage.

Secondly, although the students have enough time, but by doing the family ecation may affect their learning environment and attitud because they are still young, and by doing the part time job will shift their focus of their primary objective. If you are not able to handle this well enough, it is not good for you and it will also lead you into a situation that can not resume back to the normal situation.

As a result, if you want to do the family ecation, you should analyze your own situation carefully, and then you can make your favorable choice in a smart way.

⑼ 英语作文改写


⑽ 改写英语作文

好像以前背过嘢~ I get up at 6 o'clock.I take a shower and brush my teeth at forty past to six,than I get dressed and comb my hair.At seven o'clock my mom makes breakkfast for me,and I always help her ,and then I eat my breakfast.My breakfast usually have bread,milk,and an egg.Some times,I have juice.At twenty past seven I get ready for school,ten minutes later hurry to school.When class begain at 8 o'clock,I study hard.I often have lunch with noodles at 12 o'clock.At 3 o'clock,the class is over,so I usually play soccer,but sometimes I go to my dance lesson.

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