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❶ 我的电大生活 英语作文

After entering college, we found, to our surprise, that differences between high school life and college life are great. In high school, we always depended on our parents and teachers to solve all kinds of difficult problems. At college, however, we have to rely exclusively on ourselves. What's more, we have to learn how to get along with our classmates and roommates.
Four years at college is an important yet very short period of time in our life. So it is always expected that we adapt to this life as quickly as possible. But it is a pity that not everyone can do so immediately. Here are some suggestions.
First, get familiar with the main buildings on the campus. Spend one or two hours by yourself or with your classmates to go around the campus so that you can know the location of such important places as the library, the dining room, the post office, the clinic and classrooms. Next, try to be independent. Learn to do such things as making sound decisions on how to spend your time, how to spend your money etc, and washing clothes on your own. Furthermore, form good study habits. Talk with your classmates and learn from their good habits. Finally, try to take part in all kinds of activities to get out of your solitude and get on well with your classmates.

❷ 英语作文《我们的电大生活》

I am engaged in long distance ecation. My web-based courses are English, Chinese, Computer, Maths, Politics, etc. I like English best. We can join online discussion forums, but it's very difficult for me to understand what the speaker says. Every day we complete our home work on the computer and send our homework to the tutor, though sometimes he or she is not online. He or she will solve the difficulties and puzzles in tutorial. I love my TV University life.

❸ 翻译一篇“电与我”的英语作文

电是力量。有十亿的电流环绕着我们每一天的生活。电是最重要的能量之一,我们人们每一天都要使用的。没有了电,我们不能生存。 在你的家里有很多电器用具都要依靠电的能量, 在我看来,电可以使用在电缆,烧饭,洗东西,洗澡,冷却等等。但是电对我们来说也是非常危险的。如果我们触碰到一个电线,我们可能会受伤,因为这个能量可能会传输到你的手上。我们应该小心用电。 本杰明·富兰克林是最著名的发明电的人之一,他的发明在那个时候已经非常成功了。 他发现到如果人们使用电,电可能会更加的特殊的。 在另一方面,他告诉我们电不但重要而且还会改变我们的生活。电是我们生活中最重要的公仆之一。


❹ 关于做好电力工程的英语作文

Power shortage a serious impediment to the development of the national economy. Experience around the world shows that the pace of development of electricity proction should be higher than the growth rate of other sectors, in order to promote the coordinated development of the national economy, so the electric power instry has been called an economic "vanguard."
If China's economic development is likened to the "body", then the power engineering construction is undoubtedly support the body flexible movement "bones." How can I ask a healthy body able to leave strong bones it? Continuously push forward the construction of power like the bones provides unlimited energy, plenty of energy supply is a strong guarantee for the effective functioning of the body of the function.
2012, by the world economic recovery is slow and the impact of domestic macro-control, China's economic growth continued decelerating trend, the annual GDP 51.9322 trillion yuan, calculated at comparable prices, an increase of 7.8% over the previous year. Since 2000, China's power consumption, the proction rate has been higher than GDP growth, which makes electricity (proction, consumption) long-term elasticity coefficient greater than 1, so that the energy consumption per unit of GDP has been difficult to come down, indicating that the strong momentum of China's electricity consumption .
"Twelve Five" will be a key period for China's development mode transformation of electricity, power companies have to seize the opportunity to accelerate the innovation and development, adhere to conservation priority, a priority to develop hydropower, optimizing the development of coal, to develop nuclear power, and actively promote new energy generation, moderate development of gas central power, local conditions to develop distributed generation, to accelerate the construction of a strong smart grid, promote the development of the equipment instry, and promote the harmonious development of the green. "Twelve Five" period, the country's electricity instry investment will reach 5.3 trillion yuan, than the "Eleventh Five" increased by 68%. Aspects of power project construction, "Twelve Five Year Plan" power investment of about 2.75 trillion yuan, accounting for 52% of all electricity investments. By 2015, the national power generation capacity will reach 1.437 billion kilowatts, an average annual increase of 8.5%. Among them, water is 284 million kilowatts, 41 million kilowatts pumped storage, coal 933 million kilowatts, 43 million kilowatts of nuclear power, natural gas power 30 million kilowatts, 100 million kilowatts of wind power, solar power 2 million kilowatts, biomass power generation and other 300 million kilowatts.
Power grid construction, "Twelve Five Year Plan" grid investment of about 2.55 trillion yuan, accounting for 48% of total electricity investment. In 2015 the country will form the north, east and central China UHV power grid as the core of the "three vertical and three horizontal" main grid. Ximeng, Mengxi, Zhangbei, North Shaanxi energy base by three longitudinal UHV transmission channel to the north, east and central China, northern coal, Southwest Water through three lateral UHV access to the north, central and Yangtze River Delta UHV power transmission ring.
The rapid development of power engineering construction and reasonable structure for China's economic development provides a strong guarantee, robust "bones" to promote the sound and rapid development of national economy.

❺ 电力与生活作文300个字


❻ 求一篇英语作文!主题是“对电子生活的看法”!400个单词左右

  • 1.What do you think of computer?
    Computer is very useful for us. The Internet is a great facility for collecting information. The Internet makes it easy to build social connections. we can have a lot of friends all over the world and reach much knowledge by Internet. Millions of people communicate today through E-mail.
    But the disadvantages of computer also have a lot. The network information may be falsehood, so mach as leading to a wrong decision-making. May online socialization weaken our ability to deal with relationships in the real world? The weak-willed persons maybe inlge network-game and amusement in Internet thereby disrepair own career.
    The loveliness of Internet is infinitude and colorful, but strengthen to manage it. We make good use of it only while we have an appropriate approach to Internet .

    2.What do you think of computer?
    The internet play a very important role in our daylife.Everyday thousands people surf the net.With the help of the net you can get many useful imformations,you can make friends with different people who are known or unkown,you can ask the help or question the answer.
    Every coin has two sides,there are so much rubbish on the net,which are some medium messageses about crime or sex.Morever the cost is large,which also make peopl waste time on it.
    It's abilities should used by people.We should correctly take the advantage of the net,make our life more beautiful.

❼ 《电在日常生活中的用途》英语作文

The electricity and our life are vitally interrelated , need to use everywhere in our life to the electricity. Have not had electricity , our having no way to live and study regularly right away, the electricity is our life necessaries.
With development of society , human being's progress, the living standard improves people ceaselessly , the quantity of electric charge graally, increasing , using life middle electrical equipment sigmatism amounts is more and more big. Power failure , the factory often proce a lot of local regularly since power failure is unable , even the water that life uses have no way to ensure that right away. Therefore, the electricity and our life are that we must encourage economizing on electricity , our pupil ought to develop the good habit of handily turn off light more very closely. The electricity has changed people's life , the electricity has been my life wellhead , resembled the desert not having water if not having the electricity , people's life!

❽ 英语作文 介绍电如何进入我们家里和电在生活中的作用

From the plant proced electricity, generally the first step-up transformer through, the voltage increases (high voltage transmission helps to rece transmission line losses), and then through overhead power lines, to near the load side, and then through the step-down transformer , the voltage drops below the rated voltage of the user equipment (for example, we generally use the 220V voltage) for users

❾ 为什么电对生活有用 用英语写

why is the electricity useful for life?

❿ 电力与英语的关系英语作文

The twenty-first century,today is a giant advance scientific and technological development,such as age,power,space technology and so has made gratifying achievements.In particular,store development,and even more by leaps and bounds.Our lives have been electricity,electrical appliances surrounded by,it became inseparable from our human partners.
"Electric" is Greek in the West,meaning amber turn from the word,but in our country is a phenomenon arising from the lightning.Later,from the 18th century,the study of electrical increasingly prosperous lives it gives us a lot of convenience

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