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㈠ 跪求现代大学英语精读4 教师用书pdf版 第二版 主编杨立民(若答案属实可追加悬赏)

亲亲 我有呀 pdf

㈡ 现代大学英语(第二版)精读2同步测试part4阅读理解答案

1.Using anybody/anyone, somebody/someone, everybody/everyone, nobody/no one.
1) anybody (usually in questions) / somebody (when you expect a ―yes‖ answer 2) anybody else‘s 3) Everybody
4) everyone, Nobody 5) no one else 6) No one
7) anyone (in questions) 8) someone else 9) Everyone, no one 10) Nobody
2. Using anything, something, everything, nothing.
1) everything 2) something (when ―yes‖ is expected) /anything 3) nothing 4) something, anything 5) something 6) nothing 7) anything 8) Something, anything 9) something (10) nothing
3. Fill in each blank with ONE suitable word.
(1) made (2) while (3) scheled (4) took (5) takeoff
(6) by (7) But (8) dangerous (9) turn (10) Something
4. Translate the sentences using an appositive clause.
1) The fact that he is somebody‘s relative won‘t change our opinion of him.
2) The wives of the miners trapped in the pit for three days were overjoyed by the news that their men had all been rescued. 3) We must accept the possibility that we might be wrong.
4) There‘s little hope that the patient will survive.
5) The faculty shares the opinion that the majority of this year‘s freshmen are promising.
6) In spite of our economic growth, we should bear/keep in mind the fact that ours is still a developing country.
7) We should hear his explanation before we jump to the conclusion that he‘s to blame.
8) There aren‘t many people who still cling to the idea that man should conquer nature rather than live in harmony with it. 5. Identify and correct the mistake in each of the sentences.
1) Everyone in our class went to the international book fair.
2) Every one of their new procts became popular soon after it was
3) The Chinese Delegation expressed the hope that the two sides would soon stop fighting in the area.
4) I don‘t like the way (in which) he speaks to his patients. 5) Is there anyone in the office?
6) I think it was the director‘s fault, and nobody else is responsible for the disaster.
7) Has anyone got anything important to say?
8) Lee Ying can’t be in the library. I saw her going to the sports ground just a moment ago.
9) If the firefighters hadn‘t been caught in a traffic jam, they would have arrived an hour early.
10) Not only did the medical team save many earthquake victims, but they also helped them to recover from the shock.

㈢ 现代大学英语阅读课文翻译


㈣ 现代大学英语阅读2课文翻译

Tell you about a failure when I was a teacher. It was January 1940, shortly after I graated from graate school, I began my first semester of teaching at Kansas City University. A tall, thin, hairy beancurd like student walked into my classroom, sat down, put his arms across his chest, looked at me as if he was saying, "OK, teach me something."


Two weeks later, we began to learn Hamlet. Three weeks later, he walked into my office with his hands on his hips. "Look," he said, "I'm here to study as a pharmacist. Why do I have to read this? "Because he didn't take his own book with him, he pointed to my book on the table.

两周后我们开始学习《哈姆雷特》。三周后他双手叉腰走进我的办公室,“看, ”他说,“ 我来这是学习当药剂师的。我为什么必须读这个?”由于没有随身带着自己的书,他就指着桌子上放着的我的那本。

Although I'm a new teacher, I could have told this guy a lot. I could have pointed out that he was admitted not to a pharmaceutical technician training school but to a university, and that he should have graated with a Bachelor of Science degree rather than a "qualified Grinder".


This certificate will prove that he majored in pharmaceutics, but it can further prove that he has been exposed to some ideas in the history of human development. In other words, he went to a university instead of a skill training school, where students need both training and ecation.


I could have told him all this, but it's clear that he won't stay for a long time and it's useless to say it. But since I was young and responsible at the time, I tried to put it this way: "for the rest of your life," I said, "on average about 24 hours a day.


When you are in love, you will think it is a little short. When you are lovelorn, you will think it is a little long. But on average, it stays the same 24 hours a day. For the remaining eight hours or so, you will be asleep.





句子中的the desk是宾语。一般来说,一个句子由“主谓宾”结构组成——也即是说,上面这个句子如果是I'm going to paint the desk. 也是完全正确的。(我 主语) (涂色 谓语) (桌子 宾语)主谓宾结构最简单的例子,就是“我爱你”。一个句子只要像“我爱你”这句话一样有主谓宾就是正确的。

那为什么the desk后面还要加一个pink呢?因为我想补充说明我想把桌子涂成什么样的。我将要做的不只是要涂桌子,而是把桌子涂成粉红色。“pink” 是句子中的宾语补足语,pink阐述了the desk的状态,让句子意思更加完整。


㈤ 求《现代大学英语阅读》第2册 原文翻译或答案

no trees or grass on the western end of the Denon Wing to cushion

㈥ 有谁能分享一下现代大学英语阅读2 text 《behind the word》的课件吗在线等


㈦ 现代大学英语精读1第二版unit 2的text A那篇文章

A homeless boy, he was in the outside all the day, cold and hungry, he isvery need food to eat , but he knew of no money can't buy things, he wasstanding in front of a building, he found that someone went in and out again,there will be a large sum of money in hand, so he went in!
Can I help you,a litttle kid?
Well, I need the money. Can you give me some money?
So you want to draw some money,right?Please show me your card.!
Sorry I don't have a bank card.
Oh, If you don’t have bank card,I can't give you themoney! Bankers said.
So, They are allhave a bank card?

Yes, you must have a bank card to give you money!

Ok, so how can I have a bank card?
As long as you have money can do.
Ok, I have no money! I haven't eaten anything for days.
It sounds like you really poor,that is all right, I give you money to invite you to dinner, after waiting foryou to have money back to me again!
Is that true? Thank you very much! I willremember you!

㈧ 现代大学英语阅读4第十课大概意思


㈨ 求现代大学英语阅读2的全书课文翻译


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